Ted Cruz Thinks Twitter Is Intentionally Recommending He Follow Democrats… Others Disagree


Ted Cruz is back at it with the accusations of Twitter trying to silence conservatives. This time, he thinks Twitter’s algorithm is intentionally recommending he follow Democrats, even though it must know he is a conservative.

“Is it just me or is there something REALLY wrong with Twitter’s algorithms? Because I follow Steve Scalise and several other GOP members of Congress, I get recommended tweets from Ted Deutch … Sheldon Whitehouse … Steve Cohen … Chuck Schumer … and Chris Murphy?” Cruz tweeted.

Twitter wasted no time pointing out that maybe, Cruz is getting recommended tweets from members of Congress because he is, in fact, a member of Congress:

Democratic senator from Hawaii Brian Schatz chimed in as well:

Cruz insisted that Twitter ONLY recommends he follow liberals. He was even willing to put money on it:

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