‘He Is the Decider’: Sean Spicer Borrows W’s Swag on Behalf of Trump

Earlier today, this happened:

Earlier this millennium, this happened:

Yes, long before George W. Bush was know for describing Donald Trump‘s inauguration as “some weird shit,” he was infamous for branding himself “The Decider.” Riffing on that became a Daily Show staple back in 2006, so it was surprising to hear Sean Spicer use the nickname for Trump today during a press briefing.

Back then, Jon Stewart postured, “You know, the question that we hear from most people who have seen that clip is, ‘I know the President is the Decider, but how did he become the Decider? Has he always been the Decider?'”

Turns out, those are evergreen questions, so watch above.

Oh, and if everyone in politics is playing swapsies with their nicknames, can we nominate Don Lemon as The Don(ald)?

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