The View From Park51, More Popularly Known As ‘The Ground Zero Mosque’

With all the raging about the proposed Muslim center in Lower Manhattan — alternately known to the cablesphere as the Ground Zero Mosque, or lately the 9/11 Mosque — I thought it might be a good idea to show those people who don’t actually live in Manhattan and are unfamiliar with the so-called ‘hallowed ground’ surrounding Ground Zero, or how far it extends, a better sense of what they are talking about. Or a better visual sense anyway.

With that in mind I rode by Park51 (located at 51 Park Place, between Church and W. Broadway) on my way home last night and snapped the following pictures mostly from the viewpoint of the current front door, though I also took a few from the corner of Park and Church, where you are able to see Ground Zero, or at least the cranes from the ongoing (ever-going) construction there. Apologies if a few of the pictures are a tad fuzzy, it was pouring rain in New York last night.

[imageviewer id= 9]

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