This Exists: Skunks As The Latest ‘It’ Pet

This sounds iffy to me. There, I said it: I’m unconvinced. But according to CBS station WWJ in Detroit, skunks are the new “it” pet. And you definitely want a skunk at your Easter dinner. The station talked to Joann Snowaert who has a skunk named Lilly as a pet, and Lilly gets along “great” with cats, dogs and kids. She even provided the station with family photos–including a shot of Lilly getting all adorbs among the Easter eggs.

Oh, and don’t buy into that “they stink” stuff. It’s all hype. Oh, and you can avoid problems by surgically altering the little cuties when they’re young. Yes, seriously:

Snowaert said that once you do get your skunk, be prepared to snuggle.

“When I got into bed I’d bring her with, and she’d just ball up by my feet. If I’m sitting on the couch, same thing – she’d climb up on the couch and wanna sit with you,” she said.

Snowaert said Lilly is litter box-trained, and that pet skunks don’t stink because when they are babies you can have their scent gland removed.

YouTube video of a pet Skunk below:

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