Todd Akin Tells Sean Hannity That His Rape Comments Informed By ‘Medical Reports’

Embattled Missouri Senate Candidate Todd Akin appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio program where he was asked to clarify inflammatory remarks he made over the weekend in which he claimed that women have natural ways of rejecting a pregnancy that results from a rape. Akin told Hannity that he was citing erroneous information from a medical report that he had ‘heard.’

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Hannity asked Akin to clarify what he meant when he said “the female body has ways of trying to shut that whole thing down,” referring to the pregnancy that could result from a rape.

“Well, my only point in that was I had heard from medical reports that rape is such a traumatic type of thing that, um, that it, uh, that here is a reaction,” said Akin. “But that’s wrong and that’s the second thing that I’ve apologized for.”

“Rape is just rape,” Akin said, echoing President Barack Obama. “It’s horrible to me because, even as a pro-lifer, I’ve always stood up for people that were the most vulnerable.”

Hannity pressed for Akin to clarify his remarks. Akin said that he had heard, at one point, a medical report which led him to believe that the female body rejects unwanted pregnancies. He went on to again admit that he was incorrect.

Listen to the comment below via the Sean Hannity Show:

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