‘Too Easy’: Twitter Busts Out Its Most Predictable Jokes After Ted Cruz Pens Tribute to JFK


Ted Cruz‘s saluted John F. Kennedy today on the 53rd anniversary of the his death, which prompted a lot of online snark over how the senator’s family has been now been conspiratorially tied to the former president.

Before Donald Trump became president-elect, he and Cruz faced each other in a bruising battle for the Republican nomination. As the contest became more volatile, Trump decided to mainstream a conspiracy theory that suggested that Cruz’s preacher father, Rafael, was involved in JFK’s assassination.

The incident caused Cruz to refuse to get behind Trump for several months, though the Texas senator eventually changed his tune and offered support to his former rival. The incident still remains in the public consciousness, however, and quite a few people on Twitter jumped to knock Cruz’s piece in all the obvious ways:

From Mediaite alums Andrew Husband and Matt Wilstein:

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