Top 20 Tweets From J.K. Rowling in Honor of #HarryPotter20


J.K. Rowling released Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone exactly 20 years ago today, but even now she still produces amazing writing every day in a new way: Twitter.

Whether it’s talking politics, current events, answering questions about the books, or producing firey comebacks to trolls, Rowling has kept her Twitter followers on their toes. She has 10.8 million followers on Twitter since starting in 2009. It’s hard to just pick 20, but here are 20 of Rowling’s best tweets in honor of the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter:

1. First off, Rowling has been very outspoken on Twitter about her views of President Donald Trump, so what better way to start off the list:

2. As clever as ever, she is always unique in her tweets… especially her insults:

3. One of her favorite pastimes is Twitter comebacks. Here is one of her responding to someone who cussed her out in a tweet about her opinions on the elections in the U.K.

4. Rants are also a common occurence for Rowling, like when she used 14 tweets in a row to tell off “‘liberal’ men whose mask slips every time a woman displeases them, who reach immediately for crude and humiliating words associated with femaleness, act like old-school misogynists and then preen themselves as though they’ve been brave”:

5. As much as she dishes it, she consistently takes it without a second thought or a joke in response:

6. In response to a story that said she was spotted in a bar “celebrating handing in a romantic novel” to her publishers, she wanted to set the story straight.

7. She is never afraid to express her opinion and have a witty retort to spare:

8. As much as she tries to be kind on Twitter, she admits some people just tempt her:

9. Rowling is a public supporter of LGBTQ rights and public shaming:

10. Twitter is also filled with her loving fans, but still there are some things she wishes she didn’t see from them:

11. She is enjoys keeping people accountable by means of sass:

12. Her favorite people to chastise? Internet trolls:

13. Rowling is outspoken about politics, foreign relations and, most importantly, proper spelling:

14. Rowling has created the perfect thick skin for Twitter:

15. She also continues to answer questions about the book via Twitter. In response to the tweet “I wonder why you said that Dumbledore is a gay because I can’t see him that way?”, she says:

16. Followers should beware when Rowling might see one of their tweets:

17. Rowling is very good at interacting with her fans and their questions:

18. As always, she is full of wise words to advise her followers:

19. Rowling is never afraid to be herself, despite what others think:

20. And finally, a reminder of the real reason she’s famous:

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