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Trevor Noah Returns to Slam ‘Affluenza’: It’s the One Disease Africa Wishes It Could Get!

After a two week break, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah returned to Comedy Central on Monday night, and Noah used the opportunity to catch up on all the headline-making news he missed while away.

Unsurprisingly, the host of The Daily Show took some swipes at Steve Harvey for his pageant faux-pas, before shifting attention to the ongoing developments in the Bill Cosby saga. But Noah’s best knock at the news over the holiday break came while covering the capture in Mexico of Ethan Couch, the boy best known as the Affluenza Teen, who killed four people while driving drunk and faced only probation after his defense argued he suffered from a wealthy upbringing. Quipped Noah, “Affluenza, the one disease that has yet to ravage the African continent!”

As the segment continued, news grabs revealed that Couch’s location, along with that of his mother who he escaped with, was determined by Mexican officials after a call to order Domino’s Pizza. “How douchey is this kid!” remarked Noah. “You go all the way to Mexico, and you order pizza! You’re in Mexico, order Mexican food!”

Noah finished addressing Couch directly, “You know what, you belong in prison for that my friend. Oh, and for the manslaughter.”

Watch the above video from Comedy Central.

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