Trevor Noah Slams Trump For Firing Rex Tillerson Via Twitter: ‘At Least Slide Into His DMs’


On Tuesday night, Trevor Noah addressed the latest Trump administration firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, or as he referred to him a “human grumpy cat.”

“Working for the White House is basically like being in a Saw movie,” Noah said. “You show up, you get tortured for a while, and then you get killed off.”

Noah blasted President Trump for not having “the balls” or “decency” to fire Tillerson to his face and instead made the announcement on Twitter.

“Okay, I’m sorry, but that’s messed up,” Noah reacted. “How could you fire a man in a public tweet? At least slide into his DMs.”

The Daily Show host then went into detail about the ongoing tensions that existed between Trump and Tillerson and used a recent example of when the White House announced that the president was going to meet with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un just hours after Tillerson insisted that the U.S. was “long ways” away from negotiations.

“C’mon man! These are some serious mind games!” Noah exclaimed. “It’s like Trump was trying to get Tillerson to break up with him!”

Noah poked fun at the report that the only reason why Tillerson took the job in the first place was because his wife told him to.

“Some wives ask their man to take out the garbage, this one told Tillerson to go live in it,” Noah quipped.

He capped off the segment by “celebrating” Tillerson’s “greatest achievement” as Secretary of State… aka when he called Trump a “f**king moron.”

“Thank you for your service,” he told Tillerson.

Watch the clip above, via Comedy Central.

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