Trump Accuses Late Night Hosts of Conspiring With Democrats: ‘Should We Get Equal Time?’

It has now become a ritual to wake up every Saturday and check Twitter to see the category of tweetstorm the leader of the free world has unleashed. Last weekend, it was definitely a Category Five when he took aim at the mayor of San Juan and told Puerto Rican hurricane victims that they wanted everything to be done for them.

Well, this morning’s storm isn’t nearly as calamitous, but it is will still draw quite a bit of notice and is aimed at creating some chaos and damage.

Trump started by highlighting a recent Washington Post article that reported on Trump backers donating to the GOP in hopes to “drain the swamp.”

He then turned his attention to late-night talk shows, complaining that the hosts are being far too critical of him while accusing the programs of being in cahoots with the Democratic Party. Due to this, it appears he is calling for networks to adhere to the “equal-time rule.”

It should be noted that the equal-time rule only really applies to elections as it allows political candidates to demand equal airtime as their opponent. Essentially, if one candidate appears for a few minutes on a station, another candidate can request that same amount of time. So, yeah, doesn’t really apply here.

Trump finished off his early round of tweets by taking a shot at NBC News (again) over their Rex Tillerson report and confirmed earlier reports that he recently called Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to discuss health care.

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