Trump Attacks Obama on Russia Literally Minutes After Fox & Friends Made Same Point


President Donald Trump tweeted out the following criticism of his predecessor Barack Obama‘s handling of Russia at 7:46 AM ET.

Around ten minutes earlier, Fox & Friends was making the same exact arguments, praising the president for being tough on Russia and accusing Obama of being too soft.

“During the last administration, we didn’t really stand up to Russia so much, did we?” noted Steve Doocy.

“Over the weekend I was stunned to hear the Ukrainian ambassador say when Nikki Haley, the new U.N. ambassador came out and condemned their aggression in Ukraine, the face on Russian ambassador was relatively stunned, they weren’t expecting that,” Brian Kilmeade recounted. “Are they beginning to understand, will they be forced to understand that there’s a new sheriff in town?”

“Well if Donald Trump does fight back, how is that not a new sheriff in town? You’re talking about consistency, it’d be totally different that what President Obama did and how he reacted,” noted Heather Nauert, who recently interviewed for a job with the administration.

“Well, that’s a failure of the previous administration. This administration is setting a new tone and a new way of doing business,” said guest Kirk Lippold.

Lest it be chalked up to coincidence, Trump also tweeted earlier in the morning that he was watching Fox & Friends.

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