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Trump Lawyer Jay Goldberg Trashes Giuliani For Media Blitz: He Wants to ‘Aggrandize Himself’ and Take the ‘Spotlight’

Ari Melber put the question to Jay Goldberg right at the outset, during his Tuesday night interview on The Beat.

Is Rudy Giuliani doing a good job?

“I don’t think so,” said Goldberg — a longtime lawyer for President Donald Trump.

And that salvo was just the beginning.

“For him to go on Sean Hannity‘s program without fully debriefing the president seems to me the height of unpreparedness,” Goldberg said. “I can’t imagine a lawyer for client going on television without fully debriefing the client about what the client expects and wants.”

Goldberg, who has handled Trump’s divorces in the past, says that he advised the president against adding Giuliani to his legal team.

“I told him that I didn’t think that Giuliani was the right person for him to select,” Goldberg said. “I thought that there were much better people that he could use in terms of negotiating with Mueller.”

The lawyer also warned Trump that Giuliani could seek to upstage him.

“I thought Rudy would come into the case with an intent to take the spotlight off Trump, and in some ways seek to aggrandize himself — whether it be at the expense of Trump or not,” Goldberg said.

Melber asked Goldberg if Trump likes it when people take the spotlight off him.

“No,” Goldberg said, tersely. “He doesn’t.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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