Trump’s Campaign Manager Uses a Kim Kardashian Comment About POTUS to Swipe at the Media

Donald Trump‘s 2020 campaign manager wants to know why the media can’t act more like Kim Kardashian.

Brad Parscale took to Twitter to defend the president Thursday with a Kardashian quote suggesting some people would rather see his administration fail.

“I want Trump to succeed, it’s crazy everyone doesn’t want that,” he wrote, citing Kardashian’s statement to The Hollywood Reporter, which was published Wednesday.

Parscale then added a “thank you” to the celebrity “for inserting needed common sense.”

“I just wish more members of the media felt this way,” he said.

The tweet, which could be interpreted as an implication that Kardashian is somehow a member of the media, was mocked by journos:

Responding to Maggie Haberman‘s jab, Parscale shot back with “thanks for making my point.”

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