Tucker Carlson: Is Christine Ford Claiming a Fear of Flying Just to Delay Senate Hearing?


On Monday night, Tucker Carlson questioned Dr. Christine Blasey Ford‘s reported fear of flying ahead of the Thursday hearing.

Carlson began by telling his viewers that all of last week, he gave Ford “every benefit of every doubt” regarding her allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

“But let’s be honest now. Not many of her claims would hold up in an actual court, the one governed by the justice system that we thought we had until about ten days ago when Mazie Hirono informed us otherwise,” Carlson said. “When did this take alleged assault place? Ford can’t say. When did it happen? She doesn’t know. Where are the witnesses to this? Well, there aren’t any. The few people Ford has named denied it happened. When was this first reported to authorities? Well, it never really was.”

The Fox News host clarified that this wasn’t his “analysis” of the case but of Ford’s lawyer, who he noted is a Democratic Party activist who defended Bill Clinton when he had “far graver sexual assault claims.”

“That doesn’t mean Ford is lying, but it does raise legitimate questions,” Carlson continued.

He pivoted to Ford’s statements to Senators that she couldn’t come to Washington D.C. by Monday because she’s “afraid to fly on airplanes” and that her fear is directly connected to her alleged assault by Kavanaugh.

“But wait, is this true?” Carlson asked. “Ford has relatives on the east coast. According to published accounts, she’s been here recently. Did she drive back and forth to California every time she visited? We don’t know. Then last week, The New York Times reported that Ford did graduate work at the University of Hawaii. That’s on an island thousands of miles in the Pacific. How exactly did she get there?”

Carlson then questioned whether Ford’s fear of flying even existed.

“Could it be possible that Ford’s claiming she can’t fly in order to delay the proceedings long enough that Brett Kavanaugh can’t be confirmed?” Carlson asked. “That might be something that the committee could ask her if she shows up on Thursday as she says she will. They probably won’t ask her though. That would be ‘victim shaming.’ She’s a woman, she’s telling the truth no matter what she says. Even when things she says turn out to be not true, they are still true by definition.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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