Twitter Blasts Trump for ‘Scurrilous’ Attack on Gillibrand: ‘President Pig’

A lot of Twitter users are apoplectic over the salacious insinuations President Trump made when he attacked Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on Twitter today.

In his Tuesday morning tweets, Trump ripped Democrats over the revived discussions about his alleged sexual misconduct against multiple women. Gillibrand is one of the most prominent political figures talking about this topic, and yesterday, she said that either Trump needs to resign over his alleged misbehavior, or Congress needs to launch an investigation if the president refuses to stand aside.

In response to Gillibrand, Trump ripped into her by tweeting that she came “begging” for campaign contributions” in the past, and “would do anything for them.” As such, Trump seems to be calling the senator a political prostitute for bringing up his alleged transgressions.

Gillibrand has already responded to the president’s tweet:

And just like the senator had something to say, so did a lot of other people:

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