Twitter Gets Snarky Over Gorka and Jesse Watters Dinner With Trump: ‘Not Since Jefferson Dined Alone…’

President Donald Trump invited two guests to a White House dinner on Monday night that viewers of cable news will certainly recognize: Jesse Watters, Fox News host, and Sebastian Gorka, fired White House aide and Fox News contributor.

That’s according to the Daily Beast’s Asawin Suebsaeng, who reported that Trump hosted Fox News personalities at a dinner in the White House residence, including Gorka and Watters.

White House sources told the Beast that Trump invited the pair because “he couldn’t get enough of them on TV” — which is a shocking thought when you really think about it.

Watters, who came to prominence at the network thanks to a grooming by disgraced former cable titan Bill O’Reilly, currently co-hosts weekday show The Five as well as his own weekend show Watters World.

Gorka, meanwhile — when he’s not illegally parking his adorable Mustang on the sidewalk or accosting Mediaite reporters — appears frequently on Fox News and Fox Business Network to fiercely defend the Trump administration. (He suggested Trump should get a Nobel Peace Prize on Thursday night.)

Watters tweeted a picture (see above) of a menu from the dinner, signed by Trump in his trademark Sharpie pen. “To Jesse You are great!” the president’s message read.

One source told the Beast that the dinner “was so lit,” and said Trump joked that he “missed” Gorka in the White House.

And just yesterday, Axios’ Jonathan Swan tweeted this:

Well, Watters and Gorka have more than a few fans between them on Twitter, so news that they both scored a meal at the White House with Trump sent the platform ablaze. Enjoy a sampling:

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