Twitter Users Not Letting FBI Praise MLK Without Reminder Of Agency’s Actions Against Him


In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s birthday today, institutions and organizations have been celebrating in different ways. Public schools are closed. The View aired a pre-taped package of multicultural citizens talking about misconceptions they face because of their race and featured a chat with Van Jones about the future of race relations. The FBI sent a tweet.

People on Twitter are not so happy about that last example. After all, under J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI didn’t regard MLK as someone who had an “incredible career fighting for civil rights.” In fact, they just wanted him dead. With a whole file of oppositional research on the man, the FBI was regarded as one of the reverend’s biggest enemies. In an investigation into King’s murder, Hoover was found to have had an almost personal vendetta against him, which led to domestic spying and intimidation. Read this.

So yeah, that tweet didn’t go over well.

Copies of the letter sent by the FBI to blackmail King and urge him to kill himself were tweeted at the agency dozens of times.

Thus far, the tweet remains up on the site.

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