Video Surfaces That Claims To Depict Arizona Police Enforcing Immigration Law

It hasn’t been too long since the abridged version of the Arizona illegal immigration law went into effect, and already a video has surfaced on YouTube of police officers turning a routine traffic stop into an illegal immigration raid. The officers appear professional albeit stern, and take away a woman on the basis of having had a previous blemish on her traffic record.

The woman was taken away by border patrol because she refused to answer questions about her citizenship without her lawyer present. The video doesn’t specify whether she actually was legally residing in this country, so the way the policemen follow procedure is either a resounding success or a reprehensible failure, but the key piece of evidence needed to draw that conclusion is missing. There is also no violence in the video, and the police officers do not appear flustered or violent.

It was posted from YouTube on, but doesn’t seem to have been filmed by any affiliate of the Breitbart network. The tone of the narrator is sympathetic to the woman being arrested, but the footage isn’t exactly a slam dunk for either side. The police officers don’t appear to be deliberately menacing or abusing their power; on the other hand, the individual being asked for identification appears extremely offended and was taken away for a routine traffic stop. If anything, this is just proof that the law has been enacted.

Watch the video below:

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