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WATCH LIVE: Bernie Sanders Delivers ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ Speech in NYC

After finally conceding that he was unlikely to be his party’s nominee, Bernie Sanders delivered an address Thursday night at Town Hall in Manhattan about the future of his campaign.

“What this campaign will always be about is ending the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality in this country,” he said. He vowed to bring “good people” to the convention to steer the course of the Democratic party. One of the goals, he said, would be ending closed primaries, which exclude independent voters.

“Some people think that it is idealistic — utopian — to talk about creating a moral economy,” he said. “I don’t think that that is ‘idealism.’ I think that is the practicality of what we have got to do and do it now.”

“Never ever lose your sense of outrage!” he told the cheering crowd, which erupted in a chant of “Bernie!”

What made a “great nation,” he said was not the number of nuclear weapons or the number of billionaires. “It is how you treat the most vulnerable people in the country.”

You can watch the live feed above, courtesy of NBC.

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