WATCH: Man Slaps Harvey Weinstein Twice in the Face at Arizona Restaurant


Some guy only identified as “Steve” told TMZ that he got drunk at a restaurant in Arizona, saw that Harvey Weinstein was eating there, and decided to punch the disgraced movie mogul twice in the face.

According to Steve, Weinstein was eating at an upscale restaurant in Scottsdale with his sober coach when he got up to leave around 9 p.m.

Steve, who told TMZ he had “quite a bit to drink,” approached Weinstein and apparently told him “You’re such a piece of shit for what you did to these women,” before punching him twice in the face. Steve said the punch made Weinstein stumble back and almost fall.

Now, as it turns out Steve might not be the most reliable source. A restaurant manager disputed a number of his claims, and told TMZ “neither attempted punch connected,” and Steve was “drunk and out of control.”

Well for our benefit, TMZ has now released video of the attack,  and it looks like the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

As seen in the video above, as Weinstein exits the restaurant our protagonist — or antagonist, I can’t really tell if Steve is a hero or a douchebag — delivers two light slaps to Weinstein’s face.

Weinstein recoils, a little stunned, and Steve commands: “Get your fucking ass out of here man, you’re a fucking piece of shit.”

The sober coach then exchanges a few words with the cameraman, before leaving.

Watch above, via TMZ.

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