WATCH: Outnumbered Battles Over ‘Feckless’ Jeff Sessions Amid Renewed Spat With Trump


There’s been a lot of breaking news that the ladies on Fox News’ Outnumbered had to cover in the past few days. And with so much passion and political contentiousness to deal with, one heated debate soon replaces another.

The panel held a discussion on Friday to address Donald Trump‘s renewed fight with Jeff Sessions and what could happen if the president ever decided to act on his frustration by firing the attorney general. Things really got intense once Juan Williams and Rachel Campos-Duffy began sparring over whether the Justice Department is being unfair to Trump after giving Hillary Clinton and her camp a pass.

“Are you kidding me?” Williams said. “There was no announcement of a Russian investigation during the campaign. Twice, Jim Comey goes before the cameras and speaks about Hillary Clinton. In fact, ten days before the election. now you want to go back and act as if they never investigated Hillary Clinton? That is just ridiculous.”

When Campos-Duffy compared Clinton’s email scandal to Trump’s involvement in Michael Cohen‘s hush money schemes, Williams complained that she was trying to relitigate the past, which escalated talks even more. As Lisa Boothe noted that Trump has the right to fire Sessions, Dagen McDowell got in and delivered the clincher with a denouncement of Sessions.

“You’ve got to get Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States instead of worrying about replacing your feckless AG,” she said. “At the same time, the only agenda item for the Democrats is impeachment. Whether they’re whispering it or just nodding and winking about it.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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