‘We Are Continuing Our Search’: Rand Paul Keeps Trolling House GOP Over ‘Obamacare Lite’


Yesterday Senator Rand Paul went off on House Republicans for keeping their health care alternative to Obamacare under “lock and key,” and today he’s taken it up a few notches.

Paul, who has already nicknamed this proposal “Obamacare lite,” tweeted today that he is still looking for it:

Paul appeared on CNN this morning (in the video above), telling Kate Bolduan, “As we speak, my staff is still going around Washington looking for the bill.”

He also conveyed that there is a “take it or leave it” approach to the House GOP’s version, which he said would push conservatives to simply leave it.

POLITICO today obtained details from draft legislation, and Paul is very interested to see the whole thing:

Paul even recalled the infamous moment when John Boehner cried “hell no you can’t!” when he asked whether Obamacare was written up in an open and transparent way:

Glenn Beck backed up Paul’s efforts on his radio show today, saying, “What they’re doing with Obamacare is exactly what we complained about with the Democrats. They’re not being transparent.”

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