‘Safely Assume the Worst’: Scarborough Weighs in on Secret Trump-Putin Meeting


Wednesday’s Morning Joe got off to an electric start after news emerged last night that Donald Trump held a previously unreported meeting with Vladimir Putin during the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

The meeting, which is believed to have lasted for an hour, was not attended by any American other than the president and relied on a Kremlin interpreter.

Scarborough didn’t waste any time indulging in the breathless astonishment that we love so much and told his audience that it would be safe to “assume the worst.”

“Because of what Donald Trump has done in the past, reporters, foreign policy analysts and our allies can safely assume the worst. They can safely assume the worst of Donald Trump. They can safely assume the worst of Vladimir Putin. Because in the last meeting Donald Trump had with Russians before Putin, he was talking to their foreign minister and their ambassador to the U.S. He was talking about James Comey and saying that he’s gotten the pressure of of everybody because he had fired the nutcase who was investigating Donald Trump’s possible illegal ties with Russia. So what are we to assume if not the worst.”

The segment was opened by co-host Mika Brzezinski who offered her own version of “we’re just asking questions”

“We’re just wondering what happened there.” she said.

“It’s the president himself, who made this look sinister,” said Scarborough in response to Trump’s Twitter defense of the meeting last night.

The Putin meeting comes as Donald Trump Jr. continues to face questions about the extent of his attempted collusion with the Russian government. In all of his official meetings with Putin, Trump has not been with anyone from the U.S. National Security staff or anyone with any particular expertise with Russia.

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