What Do The Chinese Think About American Gun Laws? You Might Be Surprised


The website ChinaSmack.com is designed to present “translated internet content from the Chinese-language internet.” They found something interesting when Fauna, the site’s founder, posted some pictures of American Wal-Mart’s selling weapons on a Chinese military news site. Fauna then translated the comments on the site and the response…well, lets just say the Tea Party isn’t dead. It appears that they have all just moved to China.

Sure, the response was skewed by posting the pictures on Tiexue.net, a site devoted to the military, but there’s something resoundingly inspirational about hearing foreigners’ admiration for America and our way of life (even if they’re mostly just psyched about the guns)! The commenters are also surprisingly down on the character of their own country. I guess the grass is always greener, right?

Below are some of our favorites, all translated by Fauna:

“Only with citizens who have high restraint and a society with relatively few injustices would [a country] dare be like this.”

“America is a country that was built up from the first shot of the Battle of Lexington.
And the biggest reason they were victorious at the time was because the ordinary people had guns.”

“Americans lives are comfortable, so why have a good life and not live it? Usually chaotic/disorderly societies are all in impoverished countries; You have guns, others have guns, mutually checking each other. If you carry a gun illegally, the police have the right to kill you. Americans’ tradition highly values life…”

“When everyone has guns, no one is afraid of a few people having guns. If it is fear of overthrowing the government, there is no need. If the current government in power truly doesn’t follow the people’s will, in four years at most, they will have to step down and at worst there are still impeachment procedures. There is no need to use knives and guns [no need for violence], truly not worth it. If one wants to express one’s political views, one can organize one’s own political party. Although America in reality is only a two-party system, there still exist other political parties, and what more, the constitution protects the participation of every political party, with the most powerful non-mainstream parties like the Green Party normally getting around 10% of the vote. If one day, this party were to replace the Democratic Party or the Republican Party, the constitution would also protect it. And when there is social disorder, there is the SWAT. With so many people having guns in America, I don’t think a little handgun or a small hunting rifle can cause any social impact.”

“Because the hostility between their people is not as deep as it is with us, which is to say they are harmonious in the true meaning and not river crab. Hehe.”

Man, when did John Stossel start typing in Chinese message boards? Seriously though, the comments are fascinating and ChinaSmack as a whole seems like a really cool site. Check out the rest here.

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