White House Brags About Trump Breaking ‘Nearly All Applause Records’ in His SOTU


If Fox News acts like the state-run-media of the Trump administration, as some media critics have suggested, then the Daily Caller could be its younger state-media sibling. And the website finally got some of that White House attention they’ve been craving by publishing an article fawning over the number of claps the president received during his State of the Union address.

A mass email sent this morning by the White House, prefaced with “ICYMI,” touted a Daily Caller article titled, “Trump Breaks Nearly All Applause Records on State of the Union Addresses.”

You’re lucky if you did miss it, because the Pravda-esque article drools over Trump more than Rep. Joe Kennedy drooled on himself last night. It even includes a State of the Union video montage edited to feature five minutes of attendees clapping for the president.

“President Donald Trump broke nearly all records for a modern State of the Union address, generating 115 rounds of applause as he addressed the nation for his first official review of his presidency, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation review,” wrote the Daily Caller‘s Richard Pollock.

While the Tucker Carlson-founded tabloid doesn’t note how many times Trump obnoxiously cheered for himself by clapping directly into the mic, the article does compare the president’s supposed 115 rounds of applause to Barack Obama’s record of 90 and George W. Bush’s record of 80 (Bush’s actual record is 70, per CNN, but the Daily Caller apparently can’t afford a fact checker).

However, Bill Clinton is still the undisputed champ of State of the Union applause, setting the record at a reported 128 interruptions.

Clinton’s record aside, Pollock continues by diving into some real Chris Cillizza-level political analysis — arguing that Trump’s applause numbers show his “strength and popularity,” despite the praise being almost entirely delivered by Republicans.

As for Pollock himself, the reporter is perhaps best known in Washington, D.C. media circles for that time he spoke at a white nationalist event.

Watch a montage of Trump clapping for himself above, via Splinter. 

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