Michael Wolff Grossly Claims Nikki Haley Has ‘Embraced’ Rumor of Trump Affair


Nikki Haley has been refuting the allegations lately about her supposed affair with President Trump, though Michael Wolff insists that she has only made the rumors stronger.

The controversial Fire & Fury author made an appearance on Bill Maher‘s show earlier this month, and hinted that Trump is currently having a liaison with somebody, even though he couldn’t find enough evidence to mention it in his book. Trump is still dealing rumors about his alleged past affair with porn star Stormy Daniels, and separate rumors have taken Wolff’s comments to mean that the president might be having an affair with Haley.

Wolff recently gave an interview to theSkimm, and he was asked about how Haley denounced the rumors by calling the allegations “disgusting.”

“I would say she seems to have embraced it,” Wolff responded. When asked to elaborate, Wolff said that he has never explicitly accused Haley of anything, yet she has chosen to engage with secondhand media rumors.

“All she does is hammer on this fact. I mean, if I were being accused of something, and I am not accusing her of anything. She hasn’t tried to avoid this…”

Wolff’s book has been a major source of intrigue, both because of its descriptions of Trump Administration chaos, and also because some of its accounts may be unreliable at best and factually inaccurate at their worst.

Already Wolff’s new comments have been strongly condemned on Twitter:

Watch above, via theSkimm.

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