White House Spox Mocks Corey Lewandowski, Wonders If He ‘Made Bail Yet’

je-2There is no shortage of opinion about Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and his recent arrest-style thingy for assaulting reporter Michelle Fields, including from the White House. At Wednesday’s daily briefing, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest was asked to comment, and began by joking that he hasn’t been following the legal case closely, and said he wasn’t sure if Lewandowski “made bail yet.”

But then, Earnest took a more serious tone, telling reporters that he’s confident that neither President Obama nor former President Bush would tolerate the sort of behavior that Trump “seems to encourage”:

I’m confident that neither President Obama nor President Bush would tolerate someone on their staff being accused of physically assaulting a reporter, lying about it and then blaming the victim. That is completely unacceptable behavior and I’m confident that I know for fact it’s not something President Obama would tolerate and I feel confident in telling you that’s not something that President Bush would tolerate. I’m also confident in telling you know that nobody’s particularly surprised that that is behavior that Mr. Trump doesn’t just seem to tolerate, he seems to encourage.

Trump, meanwhile, continues to stand by Lewandowski, despite growing cries for his head.

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