White House Un-Bans Lobbyists from Serving on Executive Advisory Committees

Back in 2010, Barack Obama implemented a rule stating that the executive branch could not “appoint or re-appoint” registered lobbyists to advisory committees, boards, and commissions. And now that may be over.

Politico reports today that the Office of Management and Budget plans on reversing part of that policy, allowing registered lobbyists and former lobbyists to sit on nearly a thousand official advisory boards and panels that have input on making law, but only “so long as they’re acting on behalf of a corporation, trade association or industry group and not as private citizens or representatives of the government.”

The reversal comes thanks to a lobbying effort by lobbyists — well, kind of; in the form of suing the White House and arguing that the government was violating their constitutional rights to petition the government. While the Obama administration had hoped that the committees and boards would be comprised of business executives, industry experts, and attorneys a judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals DC District Court questioned why they’d specifically banned lobbyists.

Welcome back, lobbyists! Or were you always there?

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