comScore Your Cool Grandpa Joe Biden is Finally Getting a Facebook Page

Your Cool Grandpa Joe Biden is Finally Getting a Facebook Page

I have long considered Vice President Joe Biden to be like a cool grandfather figure. He’s a funny guy who I have twice made my #MCM on Instagram. He’s hip enough to have a Twitter and his general existence is also becoming a fairly popular meme on that platform. Finally, he has completed the trifecta of social media dominance by announcing his Facebook profile.

Hi, folks. Welcome to my Facebook page. It’s the first time a Vice President has had one of these. I’d like it to be a…

Posted by Vice President Biden on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Granted, this is a little late in the game. I created my Facebook in 2007 and considered myself a late adopter. Still! Progress is progress, especially when it comes to America’s hilariously wacky grandparents and social media.

Biden debuted his page last night and uploaded a welcoming video this morning. The video was accompanied by a long-winded caption about the importance of using technology to connect with one another and share concerns. (It’s okay; he doesn’t really know about caption etiquette yet. He will presumably learn that a vlog should stand alone as a post. Would your grandfather do any better?)

The launch of the page is coinciding with World Cancer Day, which is a cause that is close to Biden’s heart. He lost his son Beau Biden to cancer a few months ago and was put in charge of the mission to eradicate the disease by President Barack Obama at this year’s State of the Union. In his video, Biden addressed his Cancer Moonshot Initiative and welcomed discussion on it.

He will be using the page to answer questions from Facebook users later today.

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