Tucker Carlson Says Elon Musk Called His Team Within Hour of Fox Firing to Ask Him to Bring Show to Twitter


Tucker Carlson revealed that Elon Musk was quick to try and convince him to bring his show to Twitter.

Carlson was abruptly fired back in April, alongside longtime executive producer Justin Wells. In a Thursday interview with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, Carlson opened up about leaving Fox and the surprising call, Wells got an hour after they were ousted.

“Thankfully, they fired my executive producer, Justin Wells, like within four minutes of firing me. He really didn’t do anything wrong. He was the best producer in all of television and everyone knew it,” Carlson praised. “And Fox has a lot of nice people, a lot of very incompetent people obviously running it. And he was one of the only competent people in the whole business. But they fired him, too.”

“And within I don’t know, an hour of that happening, Elon called him and said, ‘You should come to Twitter.’ So I’ll never stop being grateful for that,” Carlson said.

Less than a month after leaving Fox, Carlson announced that he would be creating a show that would only air on Twitter. He’s made it very clear that the move was out of necessity for free speech and that he does not work for Musk.

“We don’t work for Elon or anything, but we’re using the site like everyone else uses it, which is as a platform that’s not censored. And I’m super grateful for that,” Carlson said.

The one downside, Carlson revealed, of having his show on social media is being more aware of the public’s response.

“I do think the downside to social media is you can get involved in like people’s responses to it. That’s soul death,” Carlson said.

“So do you just ignore it all,” Portnoy asked.

“I really try to,” Carlson said. “I know who I am for all of my many faults, I know who I am. And I don’t need other people to tell me who I am.”

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