Kayleigh McEnany Grilled Over Trump Suggesting Elderly Man Pushed by Cops Was ‘Set Up’: ‘How Does That Work in Terms of Physics?’


White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was grilled by reporters for President Donald Trump‘s latest conspiracy theory suggesting a Buffalo man pushed by cops was a “set up” and that he was an “ANTIFA agitator.” 

The incident led to two Buffalo police officers being suspended, but incited protest from within the Buffalo police department for trying to “f*ck over these guys.” Trump first tweeted his skepticism around the incident Tuesday morning after an OANN report.

NBC’s Kristen Welker began questioning Trump’s response to the incident during a press briefing Wednesday, asking five follow-ups as McEnany tried to defend the president and his tweets. Welker initially asked if the president “regretted” attacking the 75-year-old man and went on to call it a “baseless conspiracy theory,” a phrase McEnany refuted.

“Does he regret tweeting that out after this man was assaulted?” Welker asked.

“The president does not regret standing up for law enforcement around the country,” McEnany said. “Let me say this and give you a little bit about the mind-set behind the tweet: We are living in a moment that seems to be reflexively anti-police officers. It’s unacceptable to the president. In this tweet, he was in no way condoning violence.”

As McEnany went on, Welker interrupted to ask, “But doesn’t the President want facts before he tweets anything out?”

Later, Reuters’ Jeff Mason circled back and asked, “One of things Trump said in his tweet is that the gentlemen fell harder than he was pushed. How does that work in terms of physics?”

“Look, the president raised several questions off a report he saw,” McEnany responded. “He has a right to ask those questions. He stands squarely with law enforcement, he was making no judgments, not condoning violence, not saying what happened in this case with two officers was right or wrong. He is standing back and saying we need to ask questions before we destroy lives and convict people in the court of public opinion.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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