Scarborough Goes Off on Mueller Report: ‘Are You Listening Mr. Attorney General? Americans Have the Right to Know!’


Joe Scarborough had a very clear and piqued message for Attorney General William Barr Friday Morning: Release the full Mueller Report as Americans have the right to know details held within, even if insufficient evidence of President Donald Trump’s criminal behavior was uncovered.

The emotional harangue came after news broke yesterday that members of the Mueller team have expressed concern and disappointment with how Barr summarized the top-level findings in a letter released nearly two weeks ago. NBC News, the NY Times and Washington Post all have published anonymously sourced reports that the full Mueller Report reveals compelling evidence for both conspiracy to collude with Russian election interference efforts and obstruction of justice. Until the full Mueller Report is released, however, the American public is left uninformed.

In Scarborough’s purview, Trump has always wanted a “Roy Cohn,” a lawyer who ” put his personal interests ahead of the interests of the country, suggesting that he found that in Mr. Barr.

“There are far more important standards than just legal standards. There is a standard of what is best for the public interest. There are standards that involve what the public mass a right to know,” Scarborough said, adding “If the president coordinated with Russia, it could be legal. It could be morally wrong, but more important than that, it could be dangerous.”

“We American, are you listening, Mr. Attorney general? Are you listening, Mitch McConnell? We Americans have a right to know if our president was compromised in any way and we have a right to know the nature of the relationship between the government of Russia and oligarchs outside of Russia and attorneys connected with the Russian government and our and just because it doesn’t reach a certain legal threshold does not mean for one moment that every single American has a right to see that report.”

Pressure is building on the Attorney General to release some version of the Mueller Report which is reportedly coming by the end of the month.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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