Steve Bannon Compares China to Nazi Regime on Fox, Calls For People to ‘Overthrow’ Chinese Communist Party


Former White House Advisor Steve Bannon had some harsh words for the Chinese Communist Party while speaking to Jesse Watters on  Saturday night.

“This is about a totalitarian regime every bit as brutal, every bit as cold blooded, every bit as tough — as the Nazis,” Bannon said on Fox News. “Right now we are in an information and economic war.”

Bannon claimed China had misled the global community at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and “vacuumed up” personal protective equipment. He went on to say China knew the coronavirus had “human-to-human transmission and community spread” in late December.

“This is about the freedom of the Chinese people. This is this generations call to destiny. We have to confront this and we have to beat it.”

He added, “The gangsters in Beijing see the American people coming together. This is what’s going to unite us. This is the new fight for freedom, to free the Chinese people — to break the firewall. Once they get their freedom they’re going to overthrow this dictatorship. That will lead the world into peace and prosperity, the removal of the Chinese communist party.”

The Washington Post reports 2.8 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus around the world have led to over 200,000 deaths. GOP lawmakers including Senators Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz have also called for tougher actions against China amid the pandemic.

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