Jon Karl: Trump’s ‘Fake News’ Attacks Are ‘Among the Fakest Things Right Now’


ABC News chief White House correspondent Jon Karl spoke with Mediaite founder and ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams Tuesday about his clash with the president at Monday’s press briefing and on President Donald Trump’s attacks against the press in general.

Trump got testy with Karl and Fox News’ Kristin Fisher for repeated questions about coronavirus testing concerns flagged in a recent report from the HHS Office of the Inspector General. During a heated exchange about the official in that office, Trump called Karl a “third-rate reporter.”

Karl said just the way POTUS said the words “inspector general” was “dripping with contempt,” saying Trump was clearly trying to “cast this entire report aside because the person was basically a political opponent.”

“And by the way, there’s no evidence of that whatsoever,” he added.

Abrams — who blasted Trump Monday on his program for his firing of the intel community inspector general – said it’s clear Trump doesn’t like what IGs do and doesn’t want to be bothered by people who aren’t “loyalists.”

Karl said, “Whenever he sees the words or hears the words ‘inspector general,’ he thinks these are the people who forced me to go through impeachment.”

Karl also talked about the president’s treatment of the press as “part of the show, part of the game.”

“He praises me to his friends and then he’ll come out right after and blast me in front of the cameras. I know for a fact he does this with Maggie Haberman,” Karl said.

“To be clear, the very people by name the president is saying are fake news, are bad for the country, enemies of the people — he is talking to them off the record, giving them information, trying to spin stories, being friendly, and then turning around and claiming that they’re the worst people who ever walked on the earth,” Abrams remarked.

Karl said this applies to himself as well, bringing up his own interactions with POTUS.

“That sounds like you’re saying he’s a fraud,” Abrams said.

“I wouldn’t use that word, but what I’m just saying — I think among the fakest things right now are the president’s attack on fake news,” Karl responded.

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