Rush Limbaugh Mocks Bill Taylor, George Kent as ‘Self-Important Nerds’ Who ‘Believe in Their Own Superiority’


As the impeachment hearing was underway today, Rush Limbaugh said that both Bill Taylor and George Kent are “self-important nerds” who are only upset because the president wouldn’t do foreign policy their way.

Limbaugh said the impeachment hearings are revealing “exactly what this deep state is,” remarking that the witnesses are “professional nerds who wear their bow ties and they have their proper diplo-speak.”

Taylor and Kent have both testified to concerns they had about how U.S. policy towards Ukraine was not being helped by the “irregular” channel Rudy Giuliani was part of.

Limbaugh mockingly said, “These guys are simply ticked off that they were not listened to. They are ticked off that they were not heard… There hasn’t been anything but a bunch of self-important, narcissistic, ‘we run the world’ kind of guys really ticked off that they were ignored, that they were not listened to.”

He continued framing Taylor and Kent as arrogant and called them “self-important nerds who do not understand how they are seen, do not understand how their work is perceived by people.”

“They are from a different world, and it’s a world where they think they are in charge. It’s a world they think they run,” Limbaugh said. “They don’t get to determine foreign policy. But in their world, they do. In their world, they are in charge of foreign policy. They believe in their own superiority. They believe in their own competence and importance with a complete cluelessness.”

Sean Hannity made similar remarks on his radio show today, saying, “What you’re really watching are these nerdy guys that don’t know President Trump, never met with President Trump, that speak to the European Union ambassador, make interpretations out of his conversations that actually contradict his testimony, and obviously they have a level of self-importance that is just nauseating to me.”

You can listen above, via The Rush Limbaugh Show.

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