‘You Guys Are Unbelievable’: Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid Raves About Food Served During Team’s White House Visit


The White House kitchen received high praise from Kansas City Chiefs Coach Andy Reid.

Following the team’s recent championship visit, Reid felt compelled to provide a food review.

“They did have some good stuff,” he said days later during a press conference. “They had a — I’ve never had this before — a French toast grilled cheese and ham sandwich that they sprinkled a little bit of powdered sugar on. I mean, it was phenomenal. There was [an] abundance of this.

“And then they had chicken fingers — exotic chicken fingers, to boot. Maybe the best part was they had — which I hadn’t seen before — little, bite-size squares of the heart of the watermelon.”

Reid said once he got to the watermelon, he simply had to go thank the kitchen in person.

“My hat went off to the chef,” he continued. “I went back and talked to him. I just go, ‘You guys are unbelievable.’ I mean, whoever cut all of that out and had the patience to do that… Hat goes off to them.”

In addition to establishing himself as an all-time great coach in the NFL, Reid has also gained a reputation as somewhat of a foodie. He famously revealed that one of the driving factors behind his decision to take the Chiefs job was the fact that the city is  renowned for its barbecue. In fact, he’s been to more than 50 different restaurants since.

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