Ashley Judd

Weinstein Proves In Hollywood, Being Liberal Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

Harvey Weinstein Slams ‘Reckless Reporting’ From NYT in First Interview Since Bombshell Report

Limbaugh Rips ‘Fragile’ Women’s Marchers Having a ‘Temper Tantrum’ Over Trump’s ‘Pussy’ Comments

‘Like Your Wet Dreams’: Ashley Judd Says Trump’s Daughter is His ‘Favorite Sex Object’ (UPDATED)

Ashley Judd Still Attacked on Social Media Following Mic Essay

Ashley Judd: ‘I’m Pressing Charges’ Against Twitter Trolls

Ashley Judd Can’t Actually Run for Governor This Year

Kentucky Republicans Stalk Alison Lundergan Grimes at Airport, Post Video to Prove it

Gabby Giffords Group Takes Aim At Republican Senators Mitch McConnell And Kelly Ayotte With New Ads

McConnell Accuses, Walks Back Claim Liberal Group That Tweeted About His Wife Behind ‘Nixonian’ Office Bugging

‘We Expected Nothing Less…’ Ashley Judd Responds To McConnell With Statement On MSNBC

FBI Asked To Probe How Mother Jones Obtained Secret Audio Of McConnell Meeting About Ashley Judd

Ashley Judd Adviser: Dems ‘Duped’ Media With ‘False Narrative,’ Pushed Judd Out Of Senate Race

Ashley Judd Passes On Kentucky Senate Bid Against Mitch McConnell

‘Run, Ashley, Run’: Hannity Makes ‘Personal Plea’ For Judd Senate Bid ‘For The Sake Of The Country’

Ashley Judd Is ‘Going To Be A Great Candidate’… Says Donald Trump

Conservative Site Outraged That No One Wants Nekkid Pictures Of Mitch McConnell

Is Ashley Judd The Democrats’ Todd Akin? The Progressive Base Wants Her, But The Party Is Terrified

Senator Ashley Judd? ‘In Ashley’s Mind, It Is Happening,’ Says Source

Mitch McConnell Punches Back At Liberal Racial Attacks On His Wife On CNN

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