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Ashton Kutcher

Watch Ashton Kutcher Blow John McCain a Kiss at a Senate Hearing

Ashton Kutcher Opens SAG Awards With a Shot at Trump’s Executive Orders

Indiana Governor Faces Backlash from Celebs and CEOs over ‘Religious Freedom’ Law

James Corden May Have Broken Big Celebrity News on First Late Late Show

Ashton Kutcher Defends Uber Exec: What’s So Wrong with Smearing a ‘Shady’ Journalist?

Walmart is Listening… to Ashton Kutcher

Glenn Beck Can’t Believe Ashton Kutcher’s Not a Member of the Tea Party

What If Sarah Palin Didn’t Run for Senate and Nobody Cared?

CNN’s Don Lemon on Ashton Kutcher: When Did Hard Work Become ‘Conservative Value?’

FIRST CLIP: Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs In Biopic jOBS

CNN Asks Whether ‘Racist’ Ashton Kutcher Ad Is ‘Final Straw For Indian Americans’

Bill Maher: People Need To Stop Throwing ‘Conniption Fits’ Over Things They Find Offensive

Ashton Kutcher Shamed By Internet After Pro-Joe Paterno Tweet

And Now You Know: Ashton Kutcher Allegedly Talked About Rick Perry Post Coitus

David Letterman Accuses Ashton Kutcher Of Killing Off Charlie Sheen’s Character

Comedy Central To Air Charlie Sheen Roast On The Same Day As Two And A Half Men Premiere

Good Question: Are Friends With Benefits And No Strings Attached The Same Movie?

Ashton Kutcher Invites American Airlines To Join His Feud Against The Village Voice

Ashton Kutcher And The Village Voice Duke It Out On Twitter Over His Anti-Child Prostitution Campaign

Soup Of The Day: Anthony De Rosa Is The Most Influential Social Mediaite You’ve Never Heard Of

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