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Death Panels

Hillary Clinton: If Republicans Pass This Health Care Bill, ‘They’re the Death Party’

Limbaugh: VA Deaths Scandal a Preview of What Obamacare Will Be Like

Limbaugh: Mark Halperin Apologized for Telling Truth About Obamacare

Halperin Clarifies ‘Death Panel’ Interview, Defends Point About Obamacare’s ‘Rationing’

Mark Halperin Trolls Obamacare to Newsmax, Agrees ‘Death Panels’ Are Coming

Sarah Palin Slams Democratic ‘Buffoons,’ Obama’s NSA Lies, And Christie-Paul Feud

The Simpsons Trashes Mitt Romney, Voter ID Laws, And Uninformed Voters

Mitt Romney’s New Ad Presents Unemployed Americans As Obama’s Roadkill

Rachel Maddow Preemptively Blames Fox News For The ‘Next Few Months’ Of ‘Stupid Debate’ On Egypt

Keith Olbermann Issues His First Post-Countdown Tweet (Pretty Much)

Keith Olbermann Updates His Twitter Page: ‘Watch This Space’ – Updated

The ‘New Tone’ in Action: Keith Olbermann Forswears ‘Death Panel’ in Arizona Transplant Segment

Death Panels Return to Fill Holiday News Dead Zone

The Latest Way Obama Wants To Kill Your Grandparents? Hyperthermia!

A Modest Proposal on Presidential Pressers

Prediction: Democrats Will Hold or Gain in November

Rachel Maddow On Death Panels: ‘Hysterical And Completely Bogus’

Sarah Palin’s Canadian Medical Visits: “Ironic” Or More?

Keith Olbermann Responds to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Death Panelists

Olbermann’s Special Comment: “My Father Asked Me to Kill Him”

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