Elton John

WATCH: Elton John Pays Tribute to Mac Miller During Opening Show of Farewell Tour

Trump Reportedly Gifted Kim Jong Un an Elton John CD Featuring ‘Rocket Man’

Elton John Storms Off Las Vegas Stage After Fan Irritates Him: ‘You F*cked It Up!’

The Devil Wears Prada Is Coming to Broadway and Inevitably Twitter Makes it Political

Elton John Responds After Trump Adviser Says He’ll be Playing Trump’s Inauguration

‘Say Hello to Uncle Elton’: Elton John Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit from Former Bodyguard

Elton John and Vladimir Putin Finally Had That Phone Call

Prankster Fools Elton John into Believing He Is Vladimir Putin

Elton John and Vladimir Putin Will Talk ‘LGBT Equality in Russia’

Piers Morgan Defends Dolce & Gabbana from Celeb ‘Bullying’

Elton John Caught Carrying Dolce & Gabbana Bag During Boycott

Dolce & Gabbana Designer Lashes Out at Elton John’s ‘Ignorant’ Boycott

Elton John Calls for Dolce & Gabbana Boycott over ‘Synthetic Children’ Comments

Elton John: Jesus Would Support Same-Sex Marriage

Elton John On Today Show: ‘I Have A Kind Of Soft Spot’ For George W. Bush

Elton John On ‘Horrible Nastiness’ Of British Press: ‘One Thing About Britain That Sucks’

Liz Smith: ‘Ambition is Not to Be Despised,’ Says Liz Hurley

Limbaugh Wedding Attendee Megyn Kelly Recounts Pleasant Elton John Exchange

Report: Elton John, Who Is Gay, To Perform At Rush Limbaugh’s Wedding

Gaga, Elton, Sting, Springsteen & Others Sing “Don’t Stop Believin'” At Carnegie Hall

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