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Jeffrey Lord

‘Wait, What?’ Anderson Cooper Shocked By Jeffrey Lord’s Claim that Jared, Ivanka Would NEVER Leak to WaPo

Jeffrey Lord Slams GOP Over Health Care: ‘I’m Embarrassed for These People’

Jeffrey Lord Tells U.S. Military: ‘Pay For Your Own Viagra’

Kirsten Powers Rips Jeff Lord For Asking Why No Hillary Investigation: ‘Doesn’t Even Make Sense’

Jeffrey Lord Believes Trump Jr.’s Meeting With Russian Lawyers ‘Happens Every Day’

‘Delegitimizing the American News Media!’ CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Trump’s Tweets

Jeffrey Lord Takes Heat From CNN Panel For Claiming Trump’s Mika Tweets Aren’t Misogynistic

‘I Don’t Wanna Be Jeff Lord Redux’: Trump Surrogate Has Moment Of Self-Awareness on CNN

Jeffrey Lord Is the Washington Generals of CNN, And It Is No Longer Fun to Watch Him Lose

Did Jeffrey Lord Really Just Blame 9/11 on Rudy Giuliani to Defend Trump Tweets? Yes, It Appears So

Jeffrey Lord: ‘Jared Kushner Is the Robert Kennedy of the Trump Administration’

‘Presidents Get To Say What They Want’: Jeffrey Lord Defends Trump Calling Comey a ‘Nut Job’

Anderson Cooper to Jeff Lord: If Trump ‘Took a Dump on His Desk, You’d Defend Him’

‘Not Yet’: CNN Panel Reacts When Jeffrey Lord Says ‘This Is Not the Kremlin’

‘Facts Are Not Debatable’: CNN’s Cuomo, Lord and Sanders Spar Over Trump’s Civil War Comments

‘That Does Bother Me’: Jeffrey Lord Breaks With Donald Trump on Libel Laws

Bitter CNN Political Foes Symone Sanders and Jeffrey Lord Talk Merchandising Deal

‘You Are a Hypocrite’: Jeffrey Lord and Symone Sanders go at it on CNN

‘We’re Done’: Don Lemon Cannot Hide His Exasperation with Jeffrey Lord

‘You’re Perverting His Legacy’: CNN’s Bakari Sellers, Jeff Lord Clash Over Lord’s Trump-MLK Remark

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