Jonathan Karl

Trump Hammered at Presser on Whether He Believes Kavanaugh Accusers: ‘These are False Accusations’

Kellyanne Conway Refuses to Say Whether Jeff Sessions Will Keep His Job: How Would I Know?

Kellyanne Conway Squirms When ABC News’ Karl Asks Who is Highest Level African-American in White House

Sean Spicer Responds to Jon Karl’s Scathing Review of His Book: ‘He’s Elite Media’

ABC’s Jon Karl Torches Sean Spicer’s Book in WSJ: ‘Short, Littered With Inaccuracies’ Like His Tenure

ABC’s Jon Karl Confronts Bolton Over White House Pulling His CNN Interview: Is That Appropriate?

ABC’s Jon Karl Presses VP Pence on Photo Op With Kim Jong Un: ‘How All The Smiles?’

ABC News’ Jon Karl: WHCD Jokes ‘Went From Poking Fun to Being Mean-Spirited’

ABC’s Jon Karl: That Was the ‘Strangest Bill Signing’ I’ve Ever Seen (If It Even Was One)

WH Press Corps FINALLY Asks About Stormy Daniels in Briefing Weeks After Initial Report

ABC News’ Jon Karl Hammers Sanders Over Trump’s Weekend Tweets: ‘He Hasn’t Even Called Out Putin!’

ABC’s Stephanopoulos and Karl Squirm At Spicer Emmy Cameo: ‘Joking About … Blatantly Misleading the American People’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Won’t Commit to Saying Whether Trump Supports Priebus

President Trump ‘100 Percent’ Willing To Testify Under Oath in Mueller Probe

Trump Avoids Saying Directly Whether There Are Actual Comey ‘Tapes’

Jon Karl Confronts Sarah Huckabee Sanders Over Trump ‘Picking A Fight’ With London’s Mayor

ABC’s Jon Karl: Trump May Travel to London This Week to Show Solidarity

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl Slams Spicer for Taking So Few Questions at First Presser in Two Weeks

‘It’s Something That We’ve Looked At’: Priebus Says White House Considering Libel Law Changes

Sean Spicer Scolds ABC’s Jon Karl After Interrupting Another Reporter

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