Philando Castile

Why I Am Still Baffled By the Outrage over the Philando Castile Shooting Verdict & Video

‘Listen to Me First!’ Don Lemon Blows Up During Heated Philando Castile Panel Discussion

Trevor Noah Delivers Emotional Monologue on Philando Castile Dashcam Video: ‘It Broke Me’

Dash Cam Video of Philando Castile’s Fatal Shooting Has Been Released

Al Franken Says ‘We Must Come Together’ Against Racial Inequality After Philando Castile Verdict

Facebook Hiring 3,000 to Monitor Live Streams After Horrific Murder Broadcasts on Site

Police Had Korryn Gaines’ Social Media Accounts Deactivated During Fatal Standoff

Bill Maher ‘Understands’ Dallas Cop-Killer: ‘I’m Surprised Somebody Did Not Fire Back Sooner’

For Good Measure, Here’s Philando Castile’s Permit to Carry a Gun

Charles Barkley on Police Violence: ‘We As Black People, We’ve Got to do Better’

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis Demands ‘Disbanding,’ ‘Dismantling’ of Police Dept

Donald Trump Wants to Make Sure We Don’t Forget All the ‘Great Deals’ Our Cops Make

Mediaite Founder Dan Abrams Battles Mediaite Columnist John Ziegler Over Philando Castile Coverage

Shocker! It Looks Like the Media May Have Bought a False Narrative in Philando Castile Shooting

Sharpton Goes After NRA: Is Second Amendment for ‘Whites Only’?

Ted Nugent Lets Loose on Obama: He ‘Wants a Race War’

White Lady Cuts Off Black Professor on Meet the Press: ‘I Get It!’

Giuliani: #BlackLivesMatter is ‘Inherently Racist’; Black Children Need to Learn Respect for Police

President Obama Should Fire FBI Director James Comey

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Says He Turned Down Trump Request for Cop Photo Op

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