Rep. Steve Scalise Readmitted to Intensive Care Unit, Condition Downgraded to Serious

Republican Karen Handel Wins Georgia 6th District Special Election

‘You Wish You Were Getting F**ked By Me’: Watch New Jersey Politician Go on Vulgar Tirade

Devin Nunes: Democrats Using Russia Probe to ‘Continue Narrative’ That Hillary ‘Never Lost on Her Own’

Trump to House GOP: Pass Healthcare or ‘Lose Your Seat’

Ali Velshi: ‘Elderly,’ ‘Poor,’ ‘Sick’ Will be Healthcare ‘Losers’

Critics Blast #TrumpCare on Twitter: ‘You Might Die if You Get Sick, But Hillary’s Emails.’

Hero Republican ‘TBD’ Saves the World from Donald Trump ‘TBD’ SNL Sketch

POLL: More Than Half of Americans Want Congress to Investigate Contact Between Trump and Russia

Study Finds That Conservatives Are Generally More Good Looking

Donald Trump Senior Says Donald Trump Junior Won’t Run for Mayor of NYC

Rick Perry Defends Trump’s Comments About NATO

One of the Leaked DNC Emails Called Mediaite a ‘Right-Wing Online’ Publication

Chris Christie Is Happy That a Governor Is Trump’s Running Mate

Kim Davis Is Now Officially a Republican

Scott Walker Drops Out of Presidential Race

After Philly Cheesesteak Debacle, Scott Walker Punked At New Hampshire Pizzeria

Outspoken Obama Critic Geoffrey Zakarian Pulls Restaurant From Trump DC

Donald Trump Rails Against Cutting Social Security, Medicare During GOP Summit

WaPo Tries to Ruin Christmas by Asking Which Party Santa Belongs To

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