Sean Penn

Rolling Stone, Penn Interviewing El Chapo a Non-Issue, But Agreeing to Forfeit Editorial Control Is

CNN Panel Very Uneasy About El Chapo Getting Approval Power Over Rolling Stone Piece

In ‘El Chapo Interview,’ Sean Penn Opens Himself Up to Some Legal Problems

Rubio Rips Sean Penn for ‘Fawning’ Over El Chapo: ‘I Find It Grotesque’

Sean Penn Interviewed El Chapo for Rolling Stone Before His Capture

Sean Penn Blames Climate Change Denial on Cult-Like ‘Fox Network Thinking’

Bill Maher to Sean Penn: Are You Tired of ‘Politically Correct Assholes’?

Sean Penn: Sony Pulling The Interview Sends ‘Commanding Invitation’ to ISIS

Sean Penn: Venezuela’s President Faces Same Challenges Obama Faced in 2009

Sean Penn Exposes Tea Party’s ‘Mental Health Problems’ to Piers Morgan

Jesse Jackson’s ‘Tribute’ At Chavez Funeral: He Fed Hungry, Lifted Poor, Helped People ‘Realize Their Dreams’

This Holiday Season I’m Thankful For… Sean Penn?

Sean Penn, Kid Rock Star In Bizarre Political PSA Promoting Tolerance, Parodying Stereotypes

Piers Morgan Presses Sean Penn To Clarify Anti-British Comments On Falkland Islands

Actress Maria Conchita Alonso Calls Sean Penn A ‘Communist A**Hole’ After He Calls Her A Pig

Sean Penn Summarizes Anti-Obama Tea Party Sentiment: ‘Can We Just Lynch Him?’

Charlie Sheen Is Using His New Spotlight To Help Haiti In Field Trip With Sean Penn

Wyclef Jean Says Sean Penn “Too Busy Sniffing Cocaine” To See Him In Haiti

Sean Penn Thinks He Knows More About What’s Best For Haiti Than Wyclef Jean

The Fonz Gets Off Easy In A Democratic O’Reilly ‘Pinheads And Patriots’

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