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CNN’s Blitzer Grills White House Spox on Deceiving Reporters: ‘That Was a Lie, Right?’

State Department Appears to Edit Briefing Video to Remove Admission of Falsehood

Email: State Dept Official Close to Hillary Informed Benghazi Was Terrorist Attack

Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq: Russia ‘Doesn’t Know How to Behave’

Rothman: Obama’s Blood-Soaked ‘Reset’ with Russia

Asst. Secretary of State Apologizes for ‘F*ck the EU’ Remark in Leaked Phone Call

‘F*ck the EU’: U.S. Asst. Sec. of State in Alleged Leaked Phone Call

BREAKING: CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell Resigns

CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson And ABC’s Jonathan Karl Unfairly Smeared Over Benghazi Reporting

John McCain, Lindsey Graham Praise Obama Nominee Involved In Benghazi Talking Points

Does Jon Karl Have The Juice To Survive Benghazi Email Controversy?

White House Releases 100 Pages Of Emails Relating To Benghazi Attacks

CNN Obtains White House Email Which Contradicts ABC News Report On Benghazi Leaks

Hannity And Democratic Strategist In Fiery Exchange Over Who Is Politicizing Benghazi More

The GOP Must Not Adopt The Moral Vacuity And Historical Ignorance Of A Libertarian Foreign Policy

State Department Welcomes Hillary Clinton Back With Some Thoughtful Gifts…

State Dept Spokesman Tears Into Fox Producer For ‘Misleading,’ ‘Asinine’ Question About Hillary Clinton

State Dept Slams John Bolton’s ‘Wild Speculation’ Hillary Clinton Faked Illness To Avoid Benghazi Hearings

State Dept. Spokesperson Squirms, Eventually Contradicts Obama: Egypt Is An Ally

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