Stephen Colbert Starts ‘Lock Him Up!’ Chant in Interview With Hillary and Chelsea Clinton


The plan, on Monday night’s Late Show, was for Stephen Colbert to speak with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton about their new book. Not about the latest goings-on in the White House.

But then, as Colbert explained, the elephant in the room just couldn’t be ignored.

“It’s your fault for coming on Ukraine week,” Colbert told the Clintons.

And so the CBS host asked the defeated 2016 presidential candidate for her take on the controversy in which President Donald Trump has been mired for the past week. And, as you’d expect, he did so in a manner that was just dripping with irony.

“Is it time to, dare I say, Lock. Him. Up?” Colbert said, while pumping his fist. “Lock. Him. Up?”

The question drew a hearty laugh from Hillary and a massive cheer from the audience. A few audience members then picked up the chant.

“I’ve created a monster!” Colbert said.

The former secretary of state then shared her thoughts on the Trump controversy.

“I believe strongly that this particular incident has had such a huge impact because we’ve known for a long time that he was a corrupt businessman who cheated people, and we’ve known that he and his campaign asked for aid from Russia,” Clinton said. “We’ve known that. But to see him in the office of the president, putting his own personal and political interests ahead of the national security of our country, just pierced through whatever confusion or denial people had. And, at that point, Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi rightly said this is something we have to investigate, and that’s what’s going on.”

Colbert went on to point out the irony of Clinton having worked on the “Constitutional grounds for Presidential impeachment,” in relation to Richard Nixon.

“You cannot make my life up, really,” Clinton said.

Watch above, via CBS.

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