comScore Trump Rips 'Poorly Rated Morning Psycho' on 'MSNDC'

Trump Rages After Watching 5 Minutes of Morning Joe: ‘Such Hatred and Contempt!’ Scarborough’s ‘Mind is Shot!’

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In perhaps a sign that the White House is returning to the pre-coronavirus pandemic normalcy, President Donald Trump temporarily returned to his early morning media criticism on Twitter.

The president of the United States is an avid cable news consumer, allegations he has denied,  but his consistent tweeting of cable news reviews and commentary suggests otherwise.

Tuesday morning saw the White House televisions tuned into MSNBC, which raised the ire of Trump, mocking the network with schoolyard taunts of “Morning Psycho on MSDNC.” He ridiculed host Joe Scarborough, suggesting he is not only “nuts” but that “his mind is shot!”

The commander in chief has had a long-established tradition of starting his days on Twitter, which seemed designed to drive a news narrative or distract from reports that were less than charitable towards the Trump administration.

President Trump later followed with, for his standards, a rather pedestrian attack on the “Lamestream Media”:

He then turned to boast about the ratings of his daily White House coronavirus press briefings:

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