Trump Denies ‘Ridiculous’ Report He Wanted to Nuke Hurricanes — Axios Reporter Jonathan Swan Responds

Axios’ Jonathan Swan stands by his reporting on Donald Trump, even as the president cries “fake news” over his supposed idea on how to deal with hurricanes.

On Sunday, Swan reported that Trump made multiple suggestions for the government to drop nuclear bombs into hurricanes to stop them before they can reach America. This idea has existed for decades, but as Axios noted, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has already explained why this is a bad idea between the radioactive fallout and the possibility that a nuclear explosion would cause negligible change to the storm itself.

As it were, Trump has noticed the report and he’s calling it “ridiculous.”

Swan, however, doubled down on his report, saying the president raised this suggestion in “at least two meetings” and “one of the conversations was memorialized.”

Photo via Nicholas Kamm / Getty Images

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