Trump Doesn’t Believe He Can Get China Deal Done Before Election: ‘I Don’t Think I Need It’

President Donald Trump apparently admitted he won’t get a trade deal with China done until after the 2020 election, meaning the trade war will likely continue to impact the economy.

“We’re looking for a complete deal, not a partial deal,” Trump told reporters Friday during a joint press conference with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. He then went on to argue at length that China’s economy was worse.

Trump was then asked if he would get a trade deal finished before the 2020 election.

“No, I don’t think I need it before the election. People know that we’re doing a great job. I’ve rebuilt the military. We’ve — Scott and I were talking about that, we spent $1.5 trillion. When I came in, our military was depleted,” Trump argued. “Our economy is very strong. China is being affected very badly. We’re not. We’re not being affected. In fact we’re taking in many billions of dollars and China is eating that, you know, China is eating the tariffs, because of the devaluation. Now, that doesn’t happen with all countries. China is China. And they know what they’re doing as well as anybody. My relationship with President Xi is a very amazing one, very good one. But we have right now a little spat. But I think we’re doing very well.”

Watch above, via MSNBC

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